Gain confidence in
your revenue cycle.

"Charge Accuracy fixes the process, not just the claim, helping us to avoid edits, instead of having to work them." -Gina Hill,
Wayne Memorial Hospital

Charge Accuracy

AppRev's Charge Accuracy solution gives hospitals confidence in their revenue cycle.

AppRev has developed the industry leading method of measuring the accuracy of provider charges for hospitals. Using the claims actually submitted to payers, we apply over 100,000 predictive analytical tests to identify errors in charging, coding, and billing practices.1

While many providers use various claim edit technologies and processes, AppRev has developed the ability to find, quantify and value errors that are slipping by these other solutions. We improve performance by designing an implementation plan to correct inaccuracies. AppRev's expert billing, coding and documentation team guides providers through our findings.

Once a correction has been implemented, AppRev continues to measure the impact of the changes to ensure they are achieving the desired result. As each finding is confirmed and implemented, we calculate and update its financial impact.

Providers validate results using the Service Supported Softwareâ„¢ online environment. Users are able to review individual claim data to confirm AppRev's findings. Our experienced consultants assist providers in creating a plan to correct the process behind each inaccuracy. Once the new plan has been implemented, we measure the change in behavior on a monthly basis. This monthly data is then analyzed to identify new findings.


AppRev has designed hundreds of thousands of tests to isolate missing or inaccurate charges. Using the easily available claim data (HCPCS, revenue codes, ICD-10 and others) AppRev's predictive analytics identify specific "Findings" and deliver the detailed information needed to validate and fix the issues causing the errors.

Client Portal

AppRev's Charge Accuracy solution combines software with consulting to deliver the most effective charge accuracy solution available.

AppRev Difference

  • Easy Start: only standard claim data required
  • No software to install
  • Simple user environment
  • Overlay any current process or solution: Find the issues others are missing
  • Customizable rules and workflow for providers to meet unique needs and priorities
  • Expert help to understand findings and implement solutions
  • Ongoing measurement and communication
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