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HFMA MapKeys Complaint Denial Analytics
Medical Billing Denial Reduction Consulting

"AppRev's Denials Intelligence allows us to aggregate and quickly report on trends and make systemic changes to improve revenue cycle performance." -Bart Fiser,
Executive Director,
Cape Fear Valley Health System

Denials Intelligence

AppRev has developed the most sophisticated denial management tool available for hospitals and physicians. Denials Intelligence is a single denial management solution that generates a rich set of reports on all claim and remit activity.

Identify Medical Billing Denial Revenue


Find all of the true denials in your data. AppRev's Claim Group™ algorithm automatically matches the initial claim with all of the subsequent claims and remits. This eliminates duplicates and allows denied dollars and recoveries to be accurately calculated.

  • Claim Group balancing identifies denials when payers use atypical denial reason codes
  • Track payments by successfully resolved denials
  • Keep all of your denial management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at your fingertips
  • Find specific departments and services driving denials
Denial Management for Healthcare


Analyze and understand all facets of denial management: from submitted claims to their denials to their subsequent payments. This HFMA MAP Keys Compliant solution creates a complete analytic picture of provider performance and denial payment opportunities.

  • Reduce healthcare claim denials
  • Identify and track payer denial and adjustment reason code denial trends
  • Incorporate your priorities using AppRev's workflow management system
Software to Organize Denials


Spend less time chasing down claims and denials. Let Denials Intelligence manage your overall denial results in one place with AppRev's Claim Group™, which brings denied claims and their remits together. Accelerate cash flow, increase workforce efficiency and avoid redundant work with Claim Group's enterprise-wide view of all denial claim and remittance activity.

  • Rules-driven methodology works the most important payer denial issues first
  • Our denial consultants create your rules by Payer and Denial Reason
  • Create work flows to ignore the denials that have no value
Customize Denial Reduction Software


Understand how each payer is performing by considering multiple denial factors:

  • Payer
  • Patient type: Inpatient, Outpatient
  • Denial reason codes (CARC, RARC)
  • HCPCS, Revenue Code, DRG
  • Attending Physician NPI

AppRev combines these important denial factors into one customized, comprehensive model that prioritize the denial issues that matter the most to your practice or hospital.

Evaluate Medical Revenue Service Opportunities


Know every denial by its source, value and issue. Track key denial metrics, including payer and patient responsibility. Denials Intelligence features:

  • Dashboard Reports based on your 835 Remit and 837 Claims
  • Payer Denial Metrics and Trends
  • Reports and graphs with analytics on denials by Issue Types and Payers
Collaborate on Medical Denial management strategies


Coordinate team efforts and increase workforce efficiency. Denials Intelligence combines cloud based software with our consulting expertise to deliver the most effective denials management solution available for healthcare providers. Create denial work groups by payer, then choose how to assign users to a task, either individually or as a group. Managers can view worked vs. unworked denials.

Click for a detailed brochure or to contact us for more information or for a private demo. We would love to visit with you about how Denials Intelligence can change the way your practice or hospital manages denials!

AppRev Difference

  • Complete and accurate Dashboard with HFMA MAP Keys compliant totals
  • Eliminates miscounted and misgrouped denials that competing solutions are known to create
  • Detailed and customized Intelligent Workflow
  • Denial Trending and Measurement
  • Payer Metrics and Trends
  • Fast and Easy Start: no software to install
  • Simple web based environment for users
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