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"Pricing Analytics gave me the confidence to make decisions I wouldn't have otherwise made, with outstanding results." -Ben Spence, CFO,
Lee Memorial Health System

Pricing Analytics

Hospitals face incredible pressure to develop and implement defensible pricing strategies while keeping an eye on the bottom line. AppRev has developed the industry leading hospital pricing solution to help providers tackle pricing transparency.

AppRev's experts first design custom business rules then translate them into mathematical algorithms to accurately describe a hospital's marketing, financial and internal pricing strategies and priorities.

Our proprietary constrained optimization algorithms allow our revenue consultants tremendous flexibility to maximize price sensitive net revenue and create pricing transparency.

Hospital Pricing Strategies

Pricing Methodology

Our solutions include and are not limited to the following:

  • A transparent business rule for every price
  • Gross and net revenue impact calculations for each strategic business rule
  • Market position and change for each pricing strategy
  • Concise optimized pricing data
  • Recommended prices for your review and approval
  • Department, Service Line and Payer impact report views
  • Customized table and report views are readily available
  • Consultative approach to developing your custom price strategy
  • Client-selected peer hospital facility benchmarks, including:
    • Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC)
    • Hospital Medicare Prospective Payment Benchmarks (MEDPAR)
    • Physician Fee
  • Client-selected and defined rule creation
  • Mathematical model using all relevant client revenue data to create an optimal transparent pricing solution
Hospital Pricing Strategies

Service Supported Softwareâ„¢

  • Our Client Portal enables our Clients and their project teams to simultaneously access project parameters, progress, updates and deliverables.
  • Using our online portal software, the Client can:
    • Communicate with their dedicated AppRev service consultant
    • Upload revenue and fee data
    • Select and review pricing rules and strategies
    • Review pricing job details with easy to understand reports
    • Access deliverables and reports based on your pricing strategy
Hospital Pricing Strategies

Comprehensive Pricing Solution

  • All Charge Description Master (CDM) items
  • Managed care contract terms
  • Relational fee pricing
  • CDM fee increase or decrease strategies
  • Strategic transparency goals
    • Market positioning adjustments
    • Net revenue optimization

AppRev Difference

  • Easy start: AppRev pricing consultants build the model from start to finish.
  • No software to install
  • Simple and powerful user environment
  • Our expert consultants help you understand and act on our analysis and price recommendations
  • Quarterly monitoring of pricing strategy results
  • Flexible, accurate and transparent with a nearly endless ability to model any pricing strategy
Hospital Pricing Consultants Hospital Pricing Consultants
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